About New Generation College


Origin of New Generation College

Innovation, Transformation, Upgrade and Succession

There are more than 1.49 million small and medium enterprises in Taiwan. The owners in more than half of these are now over the age of 50, with 17.4% being over the age of 60. Succession by the next generation is now commonplace. Data from a variety of surveys show that "Innovation, Transformation, Upgrade and Succession" now represent both opportunity and risk for the Taiwanese business community. Each piece of datum is like a lit fuse set to ignite a crisis of competitiveness in Taiwan over the next decade.

The National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises pioneered the "Next-Generation Entrepreneur Study Camp" and a series of activities in 2008 to imbue the new generation of entrepreneurs with the professional management and communication skills necessary ensure succession. The establishment of the "New Generation College" was announced in 2017 after accumulating a decade of related experience.

Passing on Business Know-how through the "Pyramid of Wisdom"

"New Generation College" is a virtual campus that does not like traditional universities. It is also different from many past EMBA and short-term succession courses in Taiwan in that it focuses on problems faced by the new generation during the succession process. World-class CXOs with real-world experience provide one-on-one mentoring and counseling over an extended period of time with an emphasis on succession as well as adapting the business model to keep up with the times. The "New Generation College Alumni Association" also play an important role in the peer learning community. It serves as a trusted comrade for all students in providing them with unstinting support in life and in business.

Counseling Model

Core Activities

Private board: Expert experience & cross-industry convergence

Students take turns to submit proposals to a private board. The strategy instructor and the new generation of entrepreneurs form a joint decision-making team helps students review their business direction from new strategic heights and horizons.

One-on-one counseling with a strategy instructor : In-depth understanding & problem solving

The instructor and student engage in one year of one-on-one counseling to examine problems in depth and build trust. Concrete advice and experience can then be provided regarding business management.

Instructor Meet - Direct infusion of decades of experience

The professional insights of instructors are taught through regular meetings in the form of lectures, visits, and forums.

Tri-party consensus meeting

A strategy instructor, new generation entrepreneurs, and first-generation business owners meet to build up consensus on counseling and enhance its overall effectiveness.

Optional Activities

New Generation Entrepreneur Camp

Short, intensive training and in-depth exchange to cultivate core successor skills and build up camaraderie among peers.

Linkage of domestic and overseas business and innovation resources

Professional corporate counseling resources and networking resources for new start-ups are provided. In-depth study tours are organized every year to network with NASME's international partner associations.

New Generation Entrepreneur Convention

A convention of all new-generation business owner associations affiliated with NASME is held every year to connect new-generation business owners throughout Taiwan with each other.

Current Principal of New Generation College

David Lee


Previous positions include Assistant Manager at IBM Taiwan, General Manager of Oracle Taiwan, Managing Director of Eastern and Western China for Oracle Beijing, CEO and President of Dopod International Corp., Vice President Asia-Pacific of HTC, and CEO of 1111 Job Bank. Mr. Lee has extensive experience in business management.